Acacia Golden Sagebrush

 Acacia Golden Sagebrush  Acacia Golden Sagebrush Acacia Golden Sagebrush


Acacia Golden Sagebrush combines the relaxed comfort of nature with the powerful statement of exotic woods. The Golden Sagebrush stain provides a lively rich stain which enhances the grain of the wood while toning down the large variation of the wood. Its rich tone is guaranteed to give your next project a warm cozy feeling. This beauty is available in silky smooth or rugged hand scraped.

  • Product Type: Prefinished Solid
  • Available Width: 3”, 3-5/8 ”, 5”
  • Available Thickness: 3/4”
  • Available Texture: Smooth, Hand Scraped
  • Color: Golden Sagebrush
  • Other Names: Asian Walnut, Small Leaf Acacia, Acacia Confusa
  • Region: Asia
  • Installation: Nail, Glue
  • Janka Hardness: 2250 psi