Aquabar-B Paper Underlayment

Aquabar-B Paper Underlayment
This product blocks moisture vapor from creeping behind finish materials or reaching moisture-sensitive substrates such as solid or engineered hardwood. To help win the battle, the Fortifiber Building Systems Group ® offers Aquabar “B” as inexpensive insurance to reduce moisture-related problems. Aquabar “B” floor and tile underlayment is an extremely effective moisture vapor retarder for use in a variety of interior construction applications. Consisting of two layers of kraft paper laminated with asphalt, Aquabar “B” is a non-reinforced 30/30/30 duplex type Grade “B” paper.
  • Protects hardwood by being and effective moisture vapor retarder and reduces vapor migration to help protect wood floors, tile substrates, and floor and wall cavities from moisture
  • Recognized as an NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) accepted product over wood floors as a Class II vapor retarder membrane
  • Slows moisture vapor originating below the floor system, allowing the wood flooring to acclimate gradually
  • Permeance rating of less than 1 protects against buckling or cupping
  • Less likely than common poly film to trap moisture condensation between it and the sub-floor
  • Covers 500 sqft